things to know about Bushmills

Bushmills ┬ásituated on the causeway coast was originally called Portcaman until the 1600’s by 17775 there were five licensed distilleries the most famous of Old Bushmills who celebrated 400 years of distilling in 2008 .The town prospered in the 19th century due the unusal number of watermills situated along the River Bush,the success of the Old Bushmills Distillery now one of the oldest distilleries in the world also let’s not forget the famous Giant’s Causeway a major tourist destination.Bushmills is reasserting itself as the gateway to the Giant’s Causeway and benefits from some thriving community groups.Why not come and visit Bushmills and take in all these marvellous things and many more and stay in a lovely B&B The causeway B&B were a warm welcome awaits you.The Causeway B&B is situated on the Priestland Road[42] just a mile outside bushmills reasonable rates.

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